Many thought it couldn't be done - bringing the fun and excitement of field lacrosse to a board game.

After all, it would need a regulation-scale field board, multiple offensive and defensive player skill levels, faceoff scrums, loose balls, sharp passes, fast breaks, double-teams, stick checks, the ability to set screens, a clearing game, missed shots out of bounds, substitutions on the fly, technical and personal foul penalties, and separate youth and varsity difficulty levels . . . It would also allow the humans playing the game the ability to try different coaching strategies, AND be a useful and fun tool for experienced players to teach newcomers to the sport of lacrosse. It just can't be done.

Then along came Faceoff Nation board lacrosse . . .

It's Designed for Experienced Oldtimers!
Whether you've been playing lacrosse for 4 years or 40 years, you get to use your lax experience to crush your friends, or teach your younger brothers or sons about the game you love.

It's Designed for New, Enthusiastic Players!
When the days are rainy, the summer gets boring, and your eyes ache from staring at video games for hours on end, Faceoff Nation gives you something new and exciting to do with your friends and family that allows you to enjoy lacrosse and learn something new about the sport without having to step outside.

Learn something new? Yes! While you are enjoying the sport you love, the experience of coaching your own team and making all the decisions for your players will open your eyes to how all the elements of a team must work together, simultaneously, to be successful. Most of the offensive elements can be experienced during a Faceoff Nation game, from clearing the ball, substitutions on the fly, working it down the field by finding the open man, movement without the ball, setting screens, passing, shooting, and even backing up shots. Defensively, stick checks, loose balls, takeaways, and goalie saves require the offense to think about more than rolling the dice and taking shots.

Lacrosse is as intellectual as it is physical. Playing Board Lacrosse gives you the time to think about what all of your players should be doing at any one particular moment. Directing your team from above allows you to not only control the ball carrier, but also to see how important player's movements away from the ball are to the success of your team.

But we don't want to over-emphasize how you can learn about the strategy of lacrosse simply by playing Faceoff Nation. That might make you doubt the amount of fun you can have playing it!